Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shh... just stop for a moment.

It’s the little things in life. The small, mundane, everyday normal things that happen.

Try a day in the life… no. I won’t take you there. It would be much too insane. To say life is busy would be, for most, an understatement. We are all busy in our own way. Anyone can tell you that. From the student working a job 5-6 days a week plus balancing studies… to the mother of four lively children (who love extra-curricular activities), we are all run off our feet in this world that calls us deeper and deeper into a fast-paced, “need-it-now” frame of mind.
But slow down for just a moment. Take a deep breath.
Did you hear that?
Quiet as a heartbeat… but blindingly brilliant as the first rays of sunshine.
He’s begging to talk with you. Just waiting, hoping, expecting.
Will she stop for just a minute in her busy day?
Can he turn off the radio while he’s driving for just a few minutes?
He cares about the little things… how your day is going, what dreams you are chasing, even what is just really ticking you off. He wants to hear it all. 
Too often we forget that. We get so busy with our crazy schedules and our packed lives and what we should get Uncle Ralph for a Christmas present…
oops. Did I say Christmas? Now isn’t that how stress happens? Worrying about money, having enough gifts for the kids, etc. And wow, if you work in retail, now that’s just the icing on the cake.
If stress is so much a part of our lives, how can we possibly handle it all?
Can we cope with the pressures… the everyday little things that weigh us down… this life we didn’t ask for, but find ourselves smack in the middle?
There’s hope.
Take a moment. Listen closely, you’ll hear His heartbeat. He cares, more than you’ll ever know.
It’s about people… not things.
And it’s about the little everyday moments that light up an insignificant day.
Sometimes it’s as simple as praying for a friend or taking someone out for coffee.
Some days we can get so stressed out we miss things like that… we miss the moments God is trying to capture for us. But if you stop, listen, breathe for just a moment. You’ll catch it.
He’ll touch your heart. He knows how to capture a moment with you.
Will you stop for just a moment in all the chaos and all the craziness and just listen for Him?
Let me tell you a secret. He’s waiting and even anticipating the moment you do stop.
And no matter where you are, whether driving your car or even just doing housework.
If you stop for a moment, He’s there.
It’s in the small, everyday, mundane moments of life… but with Jesus there, it’s no longer mundane. But, instead, an incredible opportunity for you to know the heart of your Creator and perhaps begin to comprehend just how desperately He wants a relationship with you.
Did you see that?
That sunset is for you. He’s trying to show you, to get your attention.
Did you hear that?
He’s saying I love you… again and again.
Believe Him. And let that love change your life.

Romans 15:13
Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Michelle Joy

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  1. beautiful. thanks for the reminder.
    BTW, who is Uncle Ralph and why are you buying him a preent? Is he related to Uncle Nathan? Are you a believer?
    hugs! <3