Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Song on Repeat - God I look to You -- Take a Jesus Moment

Hey… so dead centre of a busy week full of intern stuff (most of which, I love.) I was just thinking…
Are you seeking God?
I mean like really… is He the reason you do what you do?
Just throwing that question out into this open void of internet connections.
I mean, have you noticed it’s in the little moments, even when you’re at your busiest and can’t seem to get your mind to slow down enough to sleep…
That’s the time when it’s really important to just look at things thru His eyes…
How does He see you?
He knows your situation... He wrote it all down and knew all about what you're going thru (get this.) BEFORE you were even born! (ya. crazy. I know.) 
What are you doing?
It’s not about works… we are covered by unending Grace.
But His calling to this life means such a high standard of living.
But that’s not easy.
That’s why we need to look to Him and not be overwhelmed.
In the midst of all the busyness and the insanity that we live in everyday, take a moment and just realize how magnificent our God is.
I pray that as you listen to this week’s “Song on Repeat”, it will be like the equivalent of how I feel when I just stop and watch the sunset.
Or when a child realizes the wonder of the first snowfall.
Or when a robin announces the magic of springtime.
May you capture a moment with the God of the universe – in the midst of a crazy week  (but then, I’m assuming your week is crazy like mine) that you would stop. Listen to these lyrics.
Realize once again the wonder and awe of the omnipotent God we serve.
One who gave His own life’s blood just so He could be in relationship with you.
And fall in love with Jesus all over again... simply because, He Is.

“Song on Repeat” – God I look to You
(Jenn Johnson – Bethel Church Music)  

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