Sunday, August 21, 2011

Song on Repeat - You Are More (Hillsong Live)

Popping my head out of a writer’s den to send out a “song on repeat”… I’m busy these days getting everything prepared for my church missions trip to Haiti. September will be a life-changing month for me and my church team. Please pray for us for finances, health, safety, and that we will be able to do all that God wants us to do there.
Now by “writer’s den”, I mean that I have been working on some writing in preparation for the kid’s program we’ll be doing for the kids in Haiti. Please pray for me as this is something I’ve never done before. J

Now, the song…
Earlier this week I told you about my desert experience this summer.
Well, in addition to the desert I have felt that I’m in a time of waiting… a test of patience & endurance.
Today as I went through my work day and then the million things I had to do after work, I felt as if – for the first time in a while – that Jesus was right there, helping me through my day. He’s so beautiful.
This feeling was confirmed tonight when He – who knows exactly how even the simple things in life make me happy – gave me a bottle of cotton-candy scented nailpolish (yes, it really is!).
I know… you’re thinking that’s silly. But Jesus really does give me things like that! Ask me for the story next time you see me, and I’ll tell you how Jesus gave me that little gift – as worthless to the world as that may be, it was exactly what Jesus knew I wanted. J

But here I am rambling about nailpolish…

The song…

He is more.
There are times in life when we can’t always see Him or understand what He’s doing, cuz everything is in His timing.
No matter what season you’re in, whether it’s a waiting season – waiting without knowing what’s next, but relying on the confidence that your God is able to carry you through. Or even if you are just in a season of growth, change or stepping out in faith into the unknown.
Whatever your season, fix your eyes on Him!
Whatever He's taking you thru right now, KEEP GOING! 
Nothing worth having comes easily. 
Everything in this song fills my heart with a new hope and excitement to see what's next. 
It's an anticipation aspect... Jesus is just waiting to show us more, but first we have to trust Him. 
Listen to this song tonight and remember who He is…
remember the Man who knows everything about you.
Even more than you do.

Jesus, you are more than my words could ever say.
You are Lord over all my days
I will see this season thru
I will fix my eyes on you… only You.

Happy Sunday tomorrow everyone!
May you seek His presence constantly! 

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