Thursday, September 29, 2011

Transition Seasons...

Dear Friends... 
Tonight I'm thinking of Transitions... a Transition, for lack of any other title, is a season between one stage of life and another.
A transition can be a really great thing, or it can be a really bad thing… it’s up to you what happens. How will you respond to life’s circumstances? How will you react to people and places moving in and out of your lives?
It’s all about this funny word called: Transition.
A while ago I shared about something called Graduation Syndrome… I’m still in this season. Whether I like it or not.
Along with Graduation comes “Transition”… trying to figure out where God wants me to go with this – insert your specific portion of life here – and doing whatever task He asks of me wholeheartedly, without reserve, and without looking back with regret.
He guides me on the pathways of life – the Psalmist wrote… and one day I’ll look back on this Transition season with excitement because I will see His faithful fingerprints engraved on my heart. A fingerprint of His Love, etched with the date: Autumn 2011.

Along with all of this transition, I have decided to take a step and make these “Epicphany” posts a little more user friendly and move to a “tumblr” account.
You can now read my heart at:
With this new site, you can actually sign up and “follow” my posts and read them almost instantly!
You also have the option, since you don’t have to actually sign up with tumblr to read this… so it’s the best of both. J  

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