Sunday, December 12, 2010

Living in a 'Snow Globe' world

The snow.
The whirling swirling snow.
Sparkly and enchanted.
Mesmerizing to watch, yet powerful enough to cause injury or even death.
The snow.
Here it comes unexpectedly.
Destroying any plans. Leaving travelers stranded.
Wondering if God has abandoned us to freeze in this desolate mass of white…
Left to survive on our own… or die trying to find His Love in the cold-hearted drifts.
A few decide to take the risk, while many forsake the quest and claim His warmth is useless folly. Preferring to freeze in inevitable loneliness.
The hopeful ones, bundled bravely against the harsh wind, set out. Their eyes searching in watchful expectancy.
The snow. Only snow. Was there ever anything but the twisting flakes of white? As if God had shook up the whole world into a swirling snow globe of wonder for the travelers. Never being able to see what’s in front of them.
Its just a blur now… was the warmth but a dream?
Once in a while the sun drifts thru, casting a deceitful glow and causing the traveler’s hopes to crash in despair.
Perhaps they were right, and abandonment tugs at their hearts. Maybe it would be better to return. At least it would feel more ordinary than this uncertain wasteland.
A few of the faint-hearted fall, struggling for breath.
Will they die even now? Cold and alone… so afraid of this unknown place. Fear cuts their hearts.
They have failed Him.
The cry shot thru the cold and the darkness.
The weary ones gasped as a single, small child stepped forward.
His face shone with a light of hope many of them had long forgotten.
His eyes held a memory of warmth… a reason to keep going made his footsteps strong and sure.
Bending, he carefully clasped the hand of one of his comrades. Softly he placed a strong arm around him.
They continued on, a gentle warm light of hope radiating from the young one’s garments.
Then one by one the others followed.
The sronger carrying the weak…
Following the warm, hopeful light of the courageous one who risked so much to lead them to the promise that awaited them.
Still surrounded by the relentless, blinding snow, they trudge on. Keeping their eyes on the Child, with their hearts dreaming of the promised land. A land that is full of warmth and light. Where the cold, frozen wasteland is but a distant memory. Where the love of the Father reigns above all.
They are following the Child’s light… the light of the world.
They carry each other, helping each other along the rocky, icy terrain. The only other option is to give up, perish, freeze… never knowing true love and warmth.
But they never give up.
For they cling to the hope the Father sent in the form of a child leading them… they press on. Never losing hope.
Now and then the child points to the heavens, clouds parted for a moment revealing stars, bright and powerfully shooting. Sending diamonds reflecting on the snow.
Thru the beauty in the midst of their chaotic lives, they are reminded to take heart.
They plod on…
 A few still lost their step and felt the bitter cold press their hearts. But one piercing look from the loving eyes of the Child, a faithful prayer from one of the weary troops, and a steady hand to raise them up.
And still we go on and on…
A band of misfits trudging through this cold and weary snow-globe world. Searching for answers, and finding them in the life and love of the Christ child.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… our hearts beat his name as we climb mountains, endure valleys, and wander through the cold, dark, world of snow.
The world will try to manipulate us and make us fall, exhausted, in a weary heap… but we are not given a spirit of fear. So we trudge on. Refusing to give up and give in. refusing to freeze and abandon the love we’ve found in Him. Refusing to give up the life He has called us to… the loving relationship we have found in Him.
For if we abandon this calling… then what hope have we?
Even in the cold, dark nights, we can still follow His light.
For He will never abandon those who seek Him.

For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
- Hebrews 13:5

(written December 15, 2007. Revised, December 12, 2010)
Michelle Joy

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