Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day Ditto

So sorry my blogging has been a lil MIA (missing in action – for all of you who were wracking their brains for that one).
I’ve gotten quite busy lately, but have a couple great ideas I just need to sit down and write.
Now is not that time… but I wanted to leave you with this.
Today I was thinking of Valentines Day and how some of us love it and others hate it… and then I wished I could write exactly what I’m loving about V-day this year.
I am in love with Jesus. Not sure how it all happened, but I’m more content with just me and Jesus this year than I ever have been.
As I was trying to figure out a way to sum it all up and tell you all about it and then leave you with something profound to challenge you, I came across this blog from my friend JennyB.
And I figured… she said it so well, I’ll just have to blog and ditto that.
(All credit goes to Jenny Brashaw J)
And a heartfelt wish to all of you who I love and thank God for everyday of my life! (and if I don’t know you and you happen to be reading this by fluke, I love you too. Cuz I serve a crazy loving God who knows your name and loved you before you were born. Don’t forget that. In fact, that might be why you are reading this by fluke right now, cuz He just loves you that much! J)


Michelle Joy


  1. Aww thank you chic! Im honored and glad you enjoyed my blog. Love you.

  2. :) guest blogger on my blog... haha
    (wish she were guest speaker in person... just sayin.)
    Love you Jenny B!