Monday, February 13, 2012

As time goes by...

You must remember this... A kiss is still a kiss... a sigh is just a sigh... the fundamental things apply... as time goes by. 

OK. I'll be honest with you. 
I read chapter #6 on my lunch break today and then had every intention to blog early.... but then ended up running straight from work to an all-girls Valentines party at church!
We had THE most incredible speaker there... and now my head is full of all that she shared on the topic of love, and I gotta admit. my tired brain can't remember a thing about what Day #6 was about. 

So here's a scattered rendition of a little of what's in my heart tonight. 
And considering it's the eve of Valentines day, I think it's appropriate. 

Is a kiss still a kiss? 

The world seems to have cheapened love. 
We say the words "I love" about everything. 
I love shoes... I love strawberries... I love "Insert-hot-celebrity-crush-here"... the list could go on. 

Let me just help you think of it this way... what is real love? 
Is it the cheap love that fades? 
Is it the wal-mart version of love? The kind that wears out and stretches out of shape during the first wash? 
Or is it the kind of love that's worth saving for... the kind that's worth scraping everything you own together and saving it for something that will truly last a lifetime. 

How about the fast-food love ... you crave it. Only to be let down because it gives you heart-burn, stomach-ache, or just leaves you feeling empty and needing more substance. 

Let me tell you. 
There's a Love out there that's worth saving for. 
A love that more than satisfies. 
His name is Jesus. 
He died for you already... but the truth is, He lives and is just waiting to hear you say "I Love you". 
He sees everything that's happened in your life, and also everything that will happen. 
and here's a fundamental thing that applies (As time goes by)... 
He never changes.
He never EVER fails! 
He never gives up. 
His love never runs out. 
He is the same. Always. 
He won't break your heart, but will instead create it into a new thing. 
He laid down His life so you might live yours in indescribable freedom and joy! starting now... 
A life of purpose. A life filled with destiny. 
Because you are His. 

More on love tomorrow, I think. :-) 
sweet dreams!

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