Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family time on steroids!

Day 15 of 40... 

Purpose #2 - You were formed for God's family! 

Ephesians 1:5

New Living Translation (NLT)
5 God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure. 

The family of God is so much more amazing than I ever imagined. 
Think about it. You're taking SO many people from all these different places in life and all different nations and cultures and blending them into one huge family. 

I never used to think much about it. 
Church was just something that happened every Sunday at 11:00 and it was over and we were out of there by 12:30... maybe 1 if we talked for a really long time. 
It wasn't until I was an intern at Crossroads Community Church that the real meaning of Church family started to sink in. 
I didn't choose my church, God did. 
From day one, it was all God that got me there and it is and always will be God that keeps me there. 
But somehow, within those walls, I've found a family. 
I have Pastors who look out for me, spiritually and in so many other ways as well. The Pastors are like having a Dad away from home, so to speak. 
Their wives are amazing "mothers" to anyone who needs good counsel. 
I have adopted aunts... sisters... brothers... and everything in between. 
We are a community of people who are all seeking the same thing - to build the Kingdom of God and encourage eachother along the way. :) 
Every Sunday is like the whole family coming home for dinner... it's like family time on steroids. And you really never know what's gonna happen!
(No joke! On New years day this year, we even got to witness a real live proposal! Yep! My friend Nathan proposed to my friend Kayla right on stage. Now there's a couple that believes in including your church family in absolutely EVERYTHING!) 
Lets just say Crossroads Community Church is NEVER boring! 
And anyone who thinks church is boring, I dare you to come check this place out. (2 services 9 & 11 am. - Harriston, Ontario. Beside the water tower.) 

In this next section of The Purpose Driven Life, we will get into a lot of aspects of church that I can get very passionate about. 
Should be an interesting week. ;) 

For tonight, rest in this thought - I was created for the purpose of being placed in a family. 
It's not something we decide for ourselves... even if you think you chose your church, you probably didn't. 
Proverbs 16:9
A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps

One last story to set the stage... 
When I was a little girl and all through my teenage years, my Dad always said something I still hear ringing in my ears every day of my life... 
Anytime we left the house to go out with friends or anything he would say: 

Think about it. 
I am a child of God. 
I am part of God's family. 
I am part of the Body of Christ. 
I am His beloved child. 
He has great plans and purpose for my life. 

Who are you? 
You are His. 

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