Thursday, February 9, 2012

Excuse me... would you like your blog for here or to go?

Day 2 of 40-day-challenge:

Not even 24-hours and here we are again. (probably cuz I'm tired from last nights late blog) 
Today I am hailing from the lovely down-town Listowel... the sun is setting in the west and I'm between busy spells of my crazy life. 
You know how somedays you just can't slow down even though your body demands it? 
That's my life recently. 
It feels like a fast-food menu gone haywire. 
I don't think we were ever created to live like this. 
That's why there's moments of my day that I stop, listen, and take a moment to find the one who makes all this crazy-ness worth it. 
Jesus. no other name makes my heart beat. (no really. it's true. and hey, can I tell ya that comes in pretty handy when you face your 23rd Valentines Day as a single girl. My heart is totally taken with Him... more on this later.) 

There was a particular moment today when I got lost in His presence. 
And, delightfully, it has to do with The Purpose Driven Life! (Thanks Rick Warren!) 
Chapter 2 talks about how you are not an accident. 
Your birth (no matter the circumstance) was not a mistake and every detail in your life was planned out basically before your parents even thought of you!
What really got me was this line... 
"It doesn't matter whether your parents were good, bad, or indifferent. God knew that those two individuals possessed exactly the right genetic makeup to create the custom 'you' he had in mind. They had the DNA God wanted to make you."

Wow... now that's advanced planning if there ever was one. 
God didn't fast-food order someone like you. 
Not only did He think of you before you were born, it wasn't even just a passing thought! 
God totally took every creative detail into account and made someone like you. 
No one else could be like you, and no one will ever be like you! 

I think of my own family when I think of this. 
My parents had no idea what kind of kids they would end up with (and if you ask us, we think they ended up with some pretty great ones... and I think they'd agree). 
But God knew exactly who we were, what we would look like, which personality traits we would each have. 
Not everyone reading this knows my whole family, but let me tell you this. 
My parents are incredibly awesome people. They will take anyone into their home and love them, even if the rest of the world wouldn't. (Even on Christmas! not kidding.) 
God gave them 4 amazing children who were born in the exact order, with the right amount of age difference (which, honestly, took me a while to accept. being very much the youngest) and later on we adopted Danny - coolest kid in the world. Best baby brother a girl could ask for. :-) 

Anyway, that being said, I figure the way my parents raised us up to be Godly young men & women, they deserve a lot of recognition in this blog. 
I wasn't a fast-food child, let me tell you. It took a lot of preparation and marinating to get me from childhood to whatever it is I am right now. 
God picked the best parents for that job. 
(So thanks, Mom & Dad!) 

Everything in life shapes you. Whether your parents were present or absent, God planned it that way. He is the ultimate Father and whenever He has an idea to create little awesome image bearers to work in His kingdom (btw, that's you! If you choose to live for him!) He doesn't make mistakes... especially when it comes to YOU!

So... Day 2. 
I just want to encourage you to remember this feeling of excitement when you think of the incredible God who designed your life for a purpose and has great things planned. 
It's so easy to forget who you really are sometimes... and yet we can always ALWAYS find who we are in the intense presence of Jesus. :-) 

Now I've got to hurry off for an evening at music practice! 
hah... like I said. Busy life. 
Would you like fries with that? ;-)

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