Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A time to be silent and a time to speak… A time to blog and to not to blog.

Aaaand we’re back! J
I have promised 4 amazing girls in the world (whom I have the privilege of sharing my heart with every Wednesday after school) that I would blog.
So here we go… a 40 day challenge.
I know it is as much (maybe more) a challenge for them to read their bibles and read a chapter of the book we are studying EVERY day for 40 days, so I thought I should step it up a notch and challenge myself with something.

So… 40 days of blogging.
Think I can do it?
I can do all things through Christ… so here we go. J
It may not always be funny, or even make any sense. But I promise to blog something at least. J

Most blogs will be in response to the book (The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren) we are reading, but today I want to share a simple story of the provision of God.

Today I shared with the girls about last year when God miraculously provided for my car to be repaired (clutch problems).
My car has a habit of breaking down every couple months (don't get me wrong, she's beautiful, trustworthy, and I love my car, she just needs TLC once in a while)
BUT... God provides. Always.
He’s faithful like that.
He’s always like “Hey! My girl’s car is broke again? Not a problem.” BAM! There’s the money.
No… it doesn’t just fall out of thin air. But somehow my bank account has never run dry on account of car trauma. ;)
Only God can do that.

So… back to today’s story.
When I picked up the girls from school, we noticed a strange clunking sound coming from the front (drivers side) tire area. I was a little concerned, so I had my dad look at it for me before we left for Tribe. (yes, I live at home. Yes, my Dad knows how to fix cars. YES, my life is awesome!)
(Also, in case you didn’t know, Tribe is my church’s youth ministry… around 80-100 kids go crazy every Wednesday night. Tis’ awesome.)
Dad explained in mechanic terms to me (which I can never recall even immediately afterwards) what the problem was, and said it should be fine to drive to Tribe.
As we headed out of town the scary clunking got louder AND decided to add a high-pitched whine to freak me out… so we turned around and borrowed Daddy’s car.

ALL evening I found myself worrying little bits here and there… then God showed up during worship (He does that… look for Him next time. He’s amazing) and He’s like, “Why do you doubt me this time? You just told the girls how I fixed your car last year.”
Oh… yeah.
Then He lovingly reminded me He’s always faithful and will always provide, so don’t worry. Just trust Him.

So… to make the rest of this short.
I got home from Tribe tonight (expecting the worst – a large car repair looming before my eyes) and found out the problem (whatever it was, I can’t remember) was fixed!!
Dad was able to wire something and attach something else… he test drove it, and it neither clunks nor whines. J
SO… let me just say, GOD IS FAITHFUL!
Dad is able to fix cars… and God is able to fix whatever it is you’re facing tonight.
Keep looking to Him and don’t let seemingly enormous repairs of life block your view of His unending love and astounding faithfulness.

There… day 1 of 40.
Excited to see what God does in the next 39.
Bring it on. J