Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Sunday!
I hope, wherever you are in the world, that you had a wonderfully full of God moment’s type of Sunday.
I’m reflecting on mine as I drift off to sleep tonight (after watching a bit of the Grammy’s, of course. ;) Jennifer Hudson paying tribute to Whitney Houston made me tear up a little… just sayin.)

To me they are full and overflowing!
They usually involve lots of music, fun with friends, Pastors/mentors speaking into my life, and Jesus at the centre of it all. Making my heart beat faster for things of Him.
They aren’t all fun and games always though, don’t get me wrong.
It’s almost always a test of faithfulness… just some days are easier to be faithful than others.
But isn’t it always that way?
Our human hearts are fickle creations…
We like something one day, and hate it the next.
We get tired, bored, dissatisfied, or even downright offended at such trivial things!
Think about it.
When was the last time you consistently had love for something or someone everyday for a long period of time?
How long did it last?
Our culture has been defined by fast-food, self-gratification, and high-speed internet.
We need it… and we need it now.
We never take our time and see life as God sees it.
God takes life in stepping stones and honors the humble above all else.
I believe when He says “The last shall be first, and the first shall be last”, He meant it.

So how does that relate to church?
Think about it!
Do you come to church willing to serve and love people and give your time and energy?
It’s a test, you see.
It’s quite simple.
God said for Christians to get together once a week and help and encourage one another.
It’s a test of seeing if we can emphasize His love to a hurting world as a BODY of Christ.
The body has many parts – hence the need for people to assemble together at church.
It’s not religion… and it’s definitely NOT about working to get into heaven.
Only Jesus can get you there. We need to trust Him above all.
But out of gratefulness of everything He’s done for me, I serve.
It’s because I understand His love for a hurting world that I put my selfish ambitions and all my petty offenses against people I don’t always agree with aside…

It’s because of His grace towards me that I can open up and be a vessel to flow His grace and love out to my confused generation.
We’re always looking for something real… but what we don’t realize is that the only real things in this world, can’t even be seen from our human perspective.

So, dear friends… it’s a test.
How will you pass?
Remember the grace and love of Jesus who died because of a crazy love for you!
And then think about that next time you serve your church family.

Because He loves, so I must love.
Not easy… but nothing worth dying for comes easy.

Wake up church!
Lets show the world how real Christians can love!

It’s about being faithful.
And loving the place where God has planted you.

How do you treat your church?
How do you think Jesus would want you to treat the Bride that He died for?  

This has been day 5 of 40.
More to come… J

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