Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obedience... Day 9 of 40

What makes God smile?
Is it when we are totally absorbed in our own selfish lives?
Definitely not!
God s idea of a great day is when you wake up and say “I love you” to Him first.
You live out your day doing things to please Him and all through the hard times (and those will come) you choose to worship Him first.
You choose to Love Him NO matter what!
When you’re being who He created you to be, that makes Him smile.

When you’re obedient to God in everything, He smiles.
It’s the little things in life.
Whether it’s holding your tongue and showing grace to someone even when you don’t feel like it, or giving something away to someone who needs it.
It’s obedience.
Living a life of worship is simply living everyday with the perspective of “OK, God… what can I do for you next?”

God loves seeing His kids reach out to bless others.
The world is so disillusioned by their image of a God who doesn’t care.
He does care.
And it is our responsibility, as His kids to show that care.

What is something God is calling you to be obedient in?
That is what you need to be doing.
When you show that you love Him by being obedient, there is no comparison to the peace in your heart you will experience because you know that you are bringing a smile to His face.

Think about this  in closing… Jesus loves people so much that He died for them.
What are you sacrificing to show God’s love to people? 

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