Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An unconventional valentine...

OK. So tomorrow I promise I will write long and hard about The Purpose Driven Life... 
But as for tonight a quick blog to fill you in on the LOVEly-est day of the year. :-) 

Some say it's for lovers... others hate on the day... others insist it was meant to remind them they are single. (and then they get depressed and eat chocolate and watch chickflicks til their mascara runs down their faces into huge black puddles of misery) 

To keep this brief (did you know I have 3 jobs? I just worked them all in a row. And I have to be up early for one in a few hours. crazy life? yes. love my life? absolutely.) let me just tell you a story. 
A Valentines day in the life of Michelle. 

perhaps it was the incredible message on love I heard last night at church... perhaps it's the fact that every year if I even start feeling a smidgen sorry for myself at being single (not the black puddles kind of sorry... just a little "when's my turn" kind of sorry), Jesus decides to change my mind and show up in very very very real ways. 

Here's today's story. 
Job number 1 went bad... I teach Korean kids English in an online classroom. (I know. My life is - AWESOME!) All the kids were late for class, it seemed. 
Still, in this I was smiling... cuz I realized how awesome my life is. 
(plus I got to text my best friend in the midst of it all... she works crazy hours too)
Also got a chance to pray for people I love who are also having a singular valentines day... I prayed that Jesus would show up and fill their hearts. (And, after my experience today, I have no doubt that He did!) 

Getting ready for job #2, I found some spare change on my dresser and in a sweater pocket... Yeah! Coffee money! :) 
Little did I know the surprises that were in store with that loose change. 

Job #2 - I work at a small store downtown. 
Today was actually busy enough to keep time going! Very good day. 
Then I found a Toonie (for those of you who are not fellow Canadians, that is a $2. coin) in my jacket pocket! 
At this point I distinctly heard the voice I love best... 
Jesus shows up at times like this. 
You know that still, small voice everyone talks about in the Bible or at church sometimes? 
Yeah. He's real. 
You just gotta get quiet enough to listen. :) 

All He said was, "Go out for lunch with me? I'm paying." 

uhmm... Ok. so who's gonna refuse Jesus. The guy who died for me, loves me more than anything, and has never broken my heart - but instead makes it more and more whole everyday. 
So lunch we did... and it was. Beautiful. Indescribable. Irreplaceable. 
I didn't understand how he "paid" for it until later... you know all that loose change was only about $2.55 in all. 
And lunch (and coffee from my favorite little cafe) cost probably about $7.55... 
I also got a gift from him... gift of words.  
Isaiah is my favorite book in the bible lately... so much gold in there. 

Got back to work after my break. Feeling very refreshed. 
Sat down to read my Purpose Driven Life of the day... and GUESS WHAT fell out of my book!!?
Oh not much... just a $5 bill! :-D
(hey... that comes to $7.55, doesn't it?? Wow. I'm glad I thought this thru and wrote it all down... that's AMAZING!) 

See... Jesus knows your heart. 
He knows it better than ANYONE! 
Uhmm he created it... so yeah. 

Any little details in your life that you're worried about? 
Jesus has got it taken care of. 
Anything in your future that's uncertain? 
Jesus has it planned out. 
Anything on your path that you can't see clearly or wish you had an answer to? 
The Bible says God has already planned your days before you were even concieved. 
This basically just means that no matter what is worrying you... 
Jesus has ALREADY walked it out for you! 
He KNOWS what's ahead! 
Even if it's just lunch money... or who you're gonna marry... or what kind of life you will have. 

Sometimes we get so caught up in the worries of this world and what people will think AND even our own personal life goals (more on this later) that we forget to stop and drink in a little quality time with our Creator. 

I mean... why don't we?
It's like Rick Warren has been saying in this book so far... 
You can't know what the invention does until you ask it's Creator or consult the manual. 
We have access to both on a daily basis! 
So why are you waiting??
Get alone with God... ask HIM what He's saying about your life!
Get your nose in the word. 
I promise the Holy Spirit will teach you something you didn't know about yourself. :-)
You might even like it!

Ok... and then I got home and job #3 is taking care of my little brother, Danny. 
Who is THE most amazing kid in the universe! 
(even though he won't read my blogs... he's still cool) 

But before that, I got thoroughly spoiled by my Daddy. 
Mhmmm... I know. I have the best Dad in the world. All girls should be this lucky. 

Women! I encourage you to STOP looking for love in all the wrong places!
There's a man who died for you who's desperately craving some time with you... a lifetime of lunch dates, if you wish. 

Men! I exhort you to step up and be mighty men of courage and valor. Men who won't fall for the tricks of this world that tries to sell you on cheap love. 

You're made of better stuff than that, children of the living God! 

This Valentines, live with the knowledge that He LOVES you!
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
He Loves you. 
.... Do I need to say it more before you get the hint? 
more than you know. 

Happy Valentines Day!! xox

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  1. aw Chelle! Way to go!
    I LOVE the lunch story!!
    you are gifted!
    i just started reading these today so had to skim a little... will try to follow
    love you MUCH!