Monday, February 20, 2012

I see Jesus and His eyes are full of Love

Day 12 of 40…

Since the book is talking about friendship with God… let me explain a little to you of how friendships with people in the Kingdom of God are designed to mirror our friendship with God.
To do this, I must confess that God has placed the most amazing people in my life in recent years.
People I know are along for life’s journey through the hard times and fun times… friends I can just hangout with at the movies, and the next moment we can be talking, encouraging & exhorting eachother in our extreme love for an all powerful God who never ggives up on our lives.
Because of Him, life is incredible. And because of Him we are friends.

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Jesus was the truest friend who ever walked this earth.
He still is.
Even if we can’t see him, he is still there for us.

I want to encourage you to listen to this song tonight… it describes the love of Jesus in such a way I can’t even describe what happens to my heart when I hear these words.

His love surpasses everything we can think or imagine.

Let me just leave you with this thought. (since it is late and I must sleep soon)

What is causing you to miss out on a relationship with this incredible and loving man named Jesus?
What has separated you from the love of God?
What must you change in life to be closer to Him?

Think about it… when we start a relationship with a human, we don’t automatically try and carve out an hour each morning to spend time with him… we don’t say ok I’ll talk to you today *if* I’m not working or *if* I’m not too busy with my friends… and we certainly don’t have the audacity to tell them that we’re going to only talk to him once a week on Sunday mornings…
So HOW is it that we justify talking to One whose relationship is SO much more important in one or all of those ways?
The man whose love for you never ends and He knows everything about you.

Don’t live your life not knowing this man who loves you perfectly and beyond your wildest imaginations… there’s so much more to this than we know.

More tomorrow on the amazing love of my life… Jesus. J

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